Theatre Manager Conference 2016 - Schedule.

Below is a full breakdown of the conference schedule (subject to change).

Emphasis will be given to facilitated breakout roundtable discussions. It's here, in these informal sessions, we believe organizations and inividuals can share questions, ideas and suggestions which affords the best opportunities to learn. Some sessions are repeated giving organizations the abilty to attend mulitiple topics.

Most sessions are User Facilitated Breakouts - guided roundtable conversations focused on sharing experiences, tips, processes and supporting sources.

Sessions marked with an asterisk (*) are Developer Attended Breakouts – informational presentations by an Artsman employee with opportunities for participant questions.

Q&A Sessions are open format sessions where you can bring specific questions to other users for a more detailed conversation.

May 9, Monday

4:00 pm - Registration (Atrium)
5:00 pm - Happy Hour Meet & Greet, complimentary wine and beer (Atrium)
6:00 pm - Dinner (Not included). Attendes are invited to join members of Proctors in a 10% discount group dinner at Aperitivo Bistro, adacent to Proctors.

May 10, Tuesday

08:45 am - Breakfast & Registration (Atrium)
09.30 am - Welcome 
09:45 am -
Key Note: "The History of Ticketing" a humourous investigation by Philip Morris, CEO Proctors (GE Theatre)
10:30 am - Tea & Coffee (Atrium)
10:45 am - Marketing: Interpreting Analytics (GE Theatre)
11:15 am - A Theatre Manager Overview and Introduction of the Breakouts and Facilitators (GE Theatre)

12:00 -12:45 pm -  Lunch (Robb Alley) - share some of your crazy/comical customer service stories.

1:00 pm - Breakout Session #1 :
Fenimore GalleryDevelopment: Setup Options & Batch Printing
Conference Room #1Box Office: Troubleshooting Customer Web Problems
Conference Room #2Event Building Subscriptions
GE Theatre*Web: responsive theming, print at home tickets
Board RoomData: Import/Export


2:00 pm - Stretch Break

2:15 pm - Breakout Session #2:
Guild RoomIT: Web Listeners, Ticket Scanners, Servers, Remote Box Office
Fenimore Gallery*Finance: Accounting and Audit Principles
Conference Room #1Box Office: Reports & Training
Conference Room #2Event Building: After Basics (Sales Methods, Coupons, Etc.)
GE Theatre*Facilities Management
Board RoomData: Finding the Right Field


3:15 pm - Stretch Break

3:30 pm - Breakout Session #3:
Guild RoomIT: Q&A
Fenimore GalleryDevelopment: Q&A
Conference Room #1Box Office: Q&A
Conference Room #2Event Buildling: Q&A
GE TheatreFacilities Management: Q&A
Board RoomData: Q&A


4:30 pm - Wrap-up Breakout Sessions

6:00 pm - Happy Hour (Atrium)

6:30 pm - Catered Dinner (GE Theatre)

8:00 pm - Broadway production: Once (Main Stage)

May 11, Wednesday

08:45 am - Breakfast (Atrium)

09:15 am - Breakout Session #4
Guild RoomIT
Fenimore GalleryDevelopment: Patron Tracking
Conference Room #1Box Office: Sub Processes in Depth
Conference Room #2Event Buildling: All Things Maps
GE Theatre*Facilities Management
Board Room*Finance: Accounting and Audit Principles
Education CenterTBD


10:30 am -Tea & Coffee

11:00 am - Key Note: " A Plethora of Firsts" - Doug Easterbrook, Arts Management Systems (GE Theatre)
12:00 pm - Facilites and Theatre Tour

12:30 pm -  Lunch (FenimoreGallery)

01:30 pm - Bugs, Features, Requests: Q & A with Artsman Staff (GE Theatre)
03:00 pm - Conference Officially Concludes
03:30 pm - Next Steps, Discussions for Future Planning (GETheatre)

For additional information call Talia Cass on (518) 382 3884 x138 or email