Proctors and the Environment

It was not long ago that being “green” meant something quite alternative. Now, being green has become a marketing tool for all kinds of things, some meaningful to the health of the planet and some with little impact.

Proctors is not “green” in the sense that we have no impact on the environment around us or that we are self sustaining.  At the same time, we are committed to reducing the impact we have as substantially as we can and consider new ways to accomplish that on a continuous basis.

To that end, Proctors has established:

  1. A central heating/cooling and electric generation facility that, while using natural gas, reduces our carbon footprint over 46 pounds every hour over traditional methods.  This plant, while supplying electricity to Proctors, uses the waste heat from that generation as well as traditional boilers to supply hot and cold water to a number of neighboring businesses for institutional heating and cooling.   By this method, these users add no additional carbon to the environment, reduce their operating costs and help support the theater's powerplant.

  2. Paper and cardboard recycling happens throughout the property, from administrative offices to reuse and subsequent recycling of show programs. Recycling containers are in all public spaces.

  3. Deposit, glass and plastic are recycled.  We serve many products from wine to soda to water.  Not only do we have public recycling containers for these, our housekeeping staff picks through the waste containers to separate bottles and containers.

  4. We use, whenever possible, recycled papers for printing, especially for our larger run marketing publications.  You will note the use of the recycled bug on our materials.

  5. We have established a snow melt zone on the sidewalks around our block that is heated from our plant to melt public ways.  While this consumes some heat energy from the plant, it eliminates the need for two cycle snowblowers, chemical and salt applications to the sidewalks, and reduces risks for slipping and falling by our customers.  

  6. In our member's room and our bars, we serve in glass that is traditionally cleaned.

  7. In the theater, we serve beer and wine in glasses that look like oil based plastic, but are, in fact, cornstarch based compostable products that are guaranteed to decompose even in covered landfills.

  8. Our renovation included low power ballasts, slow starts for all electric motors, and carbon dioxide sensors in all smaller rooms (not the theaters) that creates “smart” rooms that know when to turn from standby temperatures to operating temperatures based on occupancy.

  9. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  10. We renovated our two marquees to use specially designed LED lights, making an enormous electric load reduction, and we utilized LED technology for a 40 foot sign on the top of our stagehouse (drawing for lighting only 15 amps). 

  11. We have redesigned our web site to use a black background, which reduces electric power consumption for all visitors to the site.

  12. We invite our audience, and supply specific containers for this purpose, to recycle our Playbills at their discretion.

  13. In late 2011, we are replacing 5-gallon water bottles with plumbed, filtered water stations.

  14. We have backstage recycling centers so that the road shows have an opportunity to recycle anything.