Volunteer Opportunities

Earn Credits to see shows at Proctors – Proctors is seeking a volunteer for 2-3 hours early Monday mornings.  Clean, organize, and stock the candy stand.  Able to lift up to 10 lbs. Each hour volunteered will result in one credit redeemable toward selected Proctors performances. (10 credits required per performance)
Please email resume to Paul Kazee, pkazee@proctors.org. No phone calls please.

Please note that, beginning with the 2012-2013 Season, all new volunteers must be members of the theatre at the $75 level or above.

Proctors is grateful for the efforts of over 1,000 volunteers who have been critical to its success. Many have volunteered for over twenty years. Because of the growth of program, we are continuously recruiting new volunteers and welcome your interest.

Assist patrons with seating, distribute programs and provide assistance to patrons during daytime and/or evening performances. All new ushers must be able to work throughout the theatre comfortably. This includes being able to climb to the top of the balcony. As one of the responsibilities of the ushers is to assist with the evacuation of the building in the event of an emergency, this is not a good position for anyone with physical limitations.

Set up and serve beverages to customers prior to performances and during intermission. Accept cash from Patrons and make change. Beverages served include beer, wine, soft drinks and water. There is no mixing of drinks required. There is carrying involved. This is not a good position for anyone with physical limitations.

Assist customers with purchases, prepare sales slips, etc. The Gift Centre is open Monday through Saturday from 9-5, and for all Proctors performances. If you are available during the day, please specify.

Sell candy and soda prior to performances and at intermission.

Cultivating Arts & Students Together (more information about our youth volunteer program)


For more information, please contact Cindy LaRoe (518) 382-3884 Ext. 183 claroe@proctors.org

A membership organization of men and women who serve as special ambassadors for Proctors. They serve as hosts/hostesses in the Guild Room, and work behind the scenes for theatre galas and special events. The Guild also oversees a number of fundraising activities. (more information about the Guild)