Proctors presents FREE Noon Organ Concert Series

Proctors invites all Capital Region residents and visitors to attend a free noontime organ concert featuring "Goldie" -- Proctors mighty Wurlitzer Organ on the Mainstage at Proctors. The Organ Concert Series is performed by member of the Hudson - Mohawk Theatre Organ Society.

Local organists will share the hour, offering selections of their own choosing. They will demonstrate the marvels of "Goldie", an 18 voice, three-keyboard instrument that includes a full set of percussion instruments and a grand piano that can be played from the organ console. The series showcases the artistry of area organists and the versatility and the power of "Goldie." 

The Golub Foundation and members of the Golub family -- in memory of Bernard and Sunshine Golub -- gifted the mighty Wurlitzer to Proctors. Since the installation of Goldie, Proctors has maintained a chapter of the American Theater Organ Society, which provides the services of the organists who perform Proctors noontime concerts, as well as the crewmembers who maintain Goldie. 

Proctors Organ Concert Series – 2016-2017: 

09/13/2016 Ned Spain and Claudia Bracaliello

10/25/2016 Andrew Krystopolski &  Charles Jones

11/15/2016 Bill Hubert

12/5/2016 - Christmas Special with Greg Klingler (Note; This show is presented on Monday)

01/17/2017 Nixon McMillan & Carl Hackert

02/14/2017 Al Moser & Ed Goodemote

03/21/2017 Pamela Sharpe & Helen Maksymicz

04/18/2017 Bill Gaillard & Ben Reavis

5/23/2017 - Avery Tunningley

06/13/2017 Charlotte Palmeri & John Wiesner

If you have any questions, please contact Frank Hackert  at (518) 355-4523;