Organ Concerts

Free entertainment doesn’t get any better!

GoldieSeasoned musicians demonstrate their musical skills at the free organ concerts, featuring “Goldie”, Proctors Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, typically before movie showings or special events on the Mainstage. Various noontime organ concerts are often scheduled as well (typically one Tuesday every month, please check our schedule).

Constructed in 1931 and originally housed at the Paramount Theatre (Aurora, Illionois), Proctors Mighty Wurlitzer has been an instrument of beautiful music since it was first installed on the Mainstage in 1983. This three-manual, 18-rank organ has 1,400 pipes, a full set of percussion instruments, and a grand piano that can be played from the organ console.

Since the installation of Goldie, Proctors has maintained a chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society, which provides the services of the Organists who perform Proctors organ concerts, as well as the crewmembers who maintain Goldie.