Learn more about what types of donations are available!

Capitalizing Our Future: Ten years ago, Proctors was the spark in downtown Schenectady’s rebirth. It’s time to ignite the entire Capital Region with our Capitalizing Our Future campaign. Click here to learn more.

Leave a Legacy: You may consider leaving a bequest to Proctors as part of your estate plans. Many donors choose to make a substantial gift to Proctors as a lasting tribute of their affection for the Theatre. Click here to learn more.

Scholarship Campaign: It is our mission to provide EVERY student in the Capital Region with exposure to the arts at least twice before graduation. Supporting something you love can help us fulfill this mission! Click here to learn more.

Stocks and Planned Estates: Both you and Proctors can benefit by a gift of appreciated stock. Not only do you save yourself from paying capital gains on an appreciated asset, but you can take a charitable deduction for the current value of the stock as well. Click here to learn more.

The Walk of Stars at Proctors has settled in to its new home directly behind the GE Theatre on Stratton Plaza. This space was designed specifically to house the Walk of Stars. At this special location, we are confident that the bricks will endure for many years as it is a lower traffic area than the one it was previously in. Click here to learn more.

Save a Seat: The perfect tribute to a loved one - a one of a kind gift! Dedicate a theatre seat to a special person by making a $150 tax-deductible donation to Proctors. Click here to learn more.

Guild: Donate time with our membership organization of men and women who serve as special ambassadors for Proctors. They serve as hosts/hostesses in the Guild Room, and work behind the scenes for theatre galas and special events. The Guild also oversees a number of fundraising activities. Click here to learn more.

Tax Free IRA Rollover: If you are 70 ½ or older, you may be able to make a direct donation to Proctors from your IRA for potential tax savings. Click here to learn more.