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Reaching across the footlights and into the classroom....Not teaching children what to think, but rather how to think.

Here at Proctors, we are committed to the integration of arts into schools and into the community to help expand minds, cultivate boundless imaginations and develop independent and confident children and adults. Keep the Arts alive for your class or group and allow us to take you on a meaningful and enriching journey, whether here in our magnificent facilities, or in your classroom or venue. Your investment in Arts in Education is an investment in our future.

Proctors aspires to provide for the needs of our community through a dynamic education program for young people, and adults alike, with in-school, after-school and community programs, as well as teacher events, teen programs and summer and winter camps. Come and see what is new at Proctors. You might be surprised.

To find out how you can become involved, contact:
Christine Sheehan, Director of Education 518•382•3884 x 112

For School Days, Broadway shows and  School of the Performing Arts inquiries:
Jessica Johndrew Gelarden, Education Program Manager 518•382•3884 x 150

For Media Programs and Festival Inquires:
Michael Gatzendorfer, Education Program Manager 518•382•3884 x 197

For Internship Inquires:
Katherine Stephens 518•382•3884 x 168

For show inquiries:
Group Sales 518•382•3884 x 139 or subscribe to Proctor's Education email list.

We realize your field trip budgets are limited now more than ever. You can rest assured that your students are attending a reputable organization that:

  • provides the highest quality and value.
  • strives to provide experiences linked closely to classroom curriculum.
  • provides resources and support for teachers.
  • offers scholarships based on need.
  • will support your Proctors experience from beginning to end.
"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination" - Edward Hopper
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