Community and School Initiatives


It’s the backbone and driving force behind everything we do at Proctors. You are our patrons, our friends, our critics, our educators, our students and our extended family.

We work to maintain established connections to the Capital Region community, while building and branching out to reach new people, spread new ideas and engage sharing among our vast community of students, teachers and parents.

Some of our initiatives are not things
people think about
when they think of Proctors.

Did you know that we produce a television show? Or that we’re teaching high school now? Perhaps you knew that we have a completely modern television station right here in the building? Or that we curate a student art show each year?

Take a look at some of the unconventional initiatives we have embarked upon, initiatives that make a strong connection between schools, the community and Proctors, strengthening the arts and learning environment of the Capital Region for everyone.