Educator Extravaganza Workshops 2012

Art, Writing, and Science? Oh, My!

Can a student learn about the phenomenon of light as they sketch layered stacks of colored plastic pieces? Can a view of the moon launch student writing pieces into higher levels of the common core?   Looking at science topics through the arts can be fun for the students and absolutely delightful for teachers! This one-hour workshop will stretch the imagination of your students, whatever their age and ability level, into a study of Science through the Arts, all while they develop narrative and informational writing pieces aligned to the common core with YOU at the helm of your classroom!
Limit 30 teachers.

Digital Media to Enhance Learning

In this workshop, our instructor Mike Feurstein will lead you through ideas to incorporate a multimedia experience in the classroom that compliments the way kids today learn: via the immediate-gratification of the internet, or by flashy TV shows.  This doesn't mean indulging in their short-attention-span way of the media, but instead reeling back the focus of the students in the classroom. Also, building on that classroom experience with meaningful interactions either through context or interactivity.
Limit 30 teachers.

Effective Presentation Skills Through Improv!

Led by professional improviser and trainer Kat Koppett, this workshop will expose you to fun and creative ways to get your students to feel comfortable and confident in front of the classroom. You will have your students volunteering to give presentations of proud of their hard work. Add some fun theatre games, group exercises and teamwork skills into your everyday teaching!
Limit 30 teachers.