MediaWorks is an Arts-in-Education program designed to integrate media arts with Common Core curriculum to create new pathways for student success.

MediaWorks pairs a professional media artist with a team of teachers. Together, they develop new routes to curriculum instruction, using arts strategies to deliver project-based learning. MediaWorks students directly engage with ELA curriculum in ways that support teachers and simultaneously provide instruction in media technology. Command of media is increasingly essential to accessing future career and education opportunities; video projects develop skills in multiple disciplines including writing, narrative structure, digital editing, presentation skills and thematic analysis.

Students gain a dynamic path into curriculum while also learning important skills essential for jobs, higher education, and personal expression. They experience a new learning modality through an arts-based education and access new opportunities for self-expression. MediaWorks promotes critical thinking and improves functional and conceptual literacy.

Teachers gain a powerful, supportive tool – one that increases student engagement and attendance while complimenting multiple learning styles. MediaWorks supports teachers through mentorship, curriculum mapping, integrative arts pedagogy and new forms of student assessment.

School districts gain a flexible program leveraged by outside grant dollars with a high return on investment.

MediaWorks pairs a professional teaching filmmaker provided by Proctors with a team of Common Core subject teachers at a high school. Together they integrate media arts education standards and concepts into English Language Arts (ELA) curricula. MediaWorks has three goals: (1) establish a new method of instruction for Common Core curriculum that is adaptable to different learning styles, (2) provide teachers and schools with methodology and resources to include arts-based instruction, and (3) to change learning pathways for students in order to increase achievement and success.

Proctors provides the professional media artist that then becomes part of the district’s teaching team. Together, the teaching team builds curriculum, and co-teaches throughout the year.

Based on the goals of MediaWorks, expected long-term outcomes include a new arts-based method for learning in ninth and potentially tenth grade classrooms; increased achievement among targeted student populations. Proctors, educators and the teaching artists use three criteria to measure the efficiency of the MediaWorks program: student attendance data and trends; benchmark testing assessments and team-developed rubrics for media arts projects aligned with Visual Arts Standards.

These measurements provide a summary assessment of student participation, achievement trends across multiple years, and reaction to differentiated arts-based instruction.

The teaching teams self-assess through daily curriculum planning meetings, undergo assessment by their administrators, and conduct interviews with students to determine how the teachers can improve to assist their students.


  1. Proctors provides administration of the program to oversee all aspects of design and implementation, documentation and evaluation. The Education Program Manager for MediaWorks currently manages the partnerships. He/She would endeavor to have an executive team that consists of specially identified administrators (principal, arts coordinator, etc.), in addition to teachers, to meet regularly to review program objectives; assess implementation; identify evaluation plans; and address any issues together as they arise.
  2. Proctors hires a media artist and pays his/her full-time salary and benefits—they are a member of Proctors staff, but teaching full time at your High School. Since it is a significant investment by Proctors and by a Media Artist to build curriculum and re-design a classroom, we hope this would be a long-term investment that we can continue each year. The program takes time to implement and become a regular part of the school culture.
  3. Proctors works in partnership with each district to identify and/or raise funds required. Proctors invests in a full-time grant writer to manage documentation of the program and all necessary grant reporting.
  4. Proctors oversees evaluation of the program to ensure it is meeting objectives and fulfilling grant requirements. Together with the executive team, decisions are made on outcomes and any adjustments that need to be made to meet objectives.


  1. Identify a 9th grade teacher or team of teachers who want to participate in MediaWorks. It’s an alternative teaching program and has to be a teacher’s choice first and foremost.
  2. Provide a MediaWorks classroom or media lab where MediaWorks will be taught by the teaching team. This would include all equipment for the program (5 cameras and 5 Macintosh computers with Final Cut Pro software, minimally) if there is not enough equipment to start a program, we may be able to help.
  3. Ensure teachers can participate in 4-5 days of training and professional development to map curriculum prior to implementation. There is curriculum from our other two programs, so this part can be streamlined.
  4. Identify who could serve as executive team for communication needs. (Principal, arts coordinator?)

For more information, inquiries on grant funding or reporting, or contact information for those involved, please contact Michael Gatzendorfer, Education Program Manager at or 518-382-3884 x197