MediaWorks is an Arts-in-Education program designed to integrate media arts with Common Core curriculum to create new pathways for student success.

MediaWorks pairs a professional media artist with a team of teachers. Together, they develop new routes to curriculum instruction, using arts strategies to deliver project-based learning. MediaWorks students directly engage with ELA curriculum in ways that support teachers and simultaneously provide instruction in media technology. Command of media is increasingly essential to accessing future career and education opportunities; video projects develop skills in multiple disciplines including writing, narrative structure, digital editing, presentation skills and thematic analysis.

Students gain a dynamic path into curriculum while also learning important skills essential for jobs, higher education, and personal expression. They experience a new learning modality through an arts-based education and access new opportunities for self-expression. MediaWorks promotes critical thinking and improves functional and conceptual literacy.

Teachers gain a powerful, supportive tool – one that increases student engagement and attendance while complimenting multiple learning styles. MediaWorks supports teachers through mentorship, curriculum mapping, integrative arts pedagogy and new forms of student assessment.

School districts gain a flexible program leveraged by outside grant dollars with a high return on investment.

MediaWorks pairs a professional teaching filmmaker provided by Proctors with a team of Common Core subject teachers at a high school. Together they integrate media arts education standards and concepts into English Language Arts (ELA) curricula. MediaWorks has three goals: (1) establish a new method of instruction for Common Core curriculum that is adaptable to different learning styles, (2) provide teachers and schools with methodology and resources to include arts-based instruction, and (3) to change learning pathways for students in order to increase achievement and success.

Proctors provides the professional media artist that then becomes part of the district’s teaching team. Together, the teaching team builds curriculum, and co-teaches throughout the year.

2014 - 2015 First Semester Review - Schenectady MediaWorks from Proctors MediaWorks on Vimeo.

For more information, please contact Michael Gatzendorfer, Education Program Manager at or 518-382-3884 x197

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