Media Programs

Proctors believes that if we can teach our community and its students how to use the tools of communication, we can create better life-long and late-in-life learners. By doing so, we create an informed, connected community that can better communicate and defend ideas and opinions, without anger, violence or misunderstanding.

Freely communicative communities are healthier and foster economic and cultural developments—making for diverse and sustainable communities. Proctors’ approach to doing this is the Open Eye project.

Open Eye is comprised of three programs: MediaWorks, After School Media Immersion, and the Training Institute. Each segment addresses issues critical to different generations of the community and equips members with the tools and knowledge necessary for effective communication.


This in-school film program for high school students is designed to transform teaching and learning.

After School Media

This film making program is offered to middle school youth year-round.

Training Institute

Television production workshops offered every month for members of the community.