A Wicked Perception

A Wicked Perception Art Show Exploring Views Of Good Vs. Evil

Exhibition Opens November 16, 2012

What actually happened in that Land of Oz? Who’s the good guy, and who’s evil? The musical Wicked turns upside down our perception of good and evil and shows us a story in which good is too good and bad is just misunderstood.

The Wicked Perception art show intends to present student artwork that explores our perceptions of good and evil and how easily those perceptions can be changed and manipulated. Artwork can be based on themes found in Wicked or similar themes found in other literary, cultural or social settings. Plagiarism of copyrighted material is not acceptable, so students should take note.

Contest and exhibition are open to public, private and home-school students grades K-12. Teachers are welcome to submit work on behalf of their students.

All art mediums and formats are acceptable; however, please see contest rules for size and submission restrictions.

Works selected for exhibition will be shown from November 16th - December 13th, 2012.

To submit work, please follow these important guidelines:
Registration deadline (to be submitted online) is Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Registration must be received by 5pm and include a digital photo of the artwork

Registration Form
Rules & Regulations