8th Step - Sara Grey & Keiron Means

Sara Grey & Keiron Means
with David Kiphuth & Linda Schrade opening

Sara Grey: On tour from Scotland, she’s “One of that rare breed of singers who have been involved with traditional music over many years and absorbed its vital essence. In Sara's performance, the art of the singer and that of the story teller merge to produce a web of tales and songs capable of transporting an audience from the concert hall or club room to the intimacy of a kitchen fire side."  - Brian Peters

Keiron Means: “His voice is especially striking...[that] rare combination of a high lonesome edge with a warm richness of timbre, and it has a power to move the listener....His guitar playing is unconventional....his stage presence is charismatic yet laid-back. His songs range from old-time through the blues - which he sings with startling conviction - to the work of tradition-influenced songwriters, and his own compositions have people, who know a good song when they hear one, nodding in approval.”  - Living Tradition

8th Step - Sara Grey & Keiron Means Friday, November 30, 2012, 7:30 pm
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Fenimore Gallery
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