The Great 8th Step Anniversary Homecoming Concert

The Great 8th Step Anniversary Homecoming Concert  with:

Addie & Olin-Unleashed! ~ Annie & The Hedonists ~ Betty & The Baby Boomers ~
Jeff Gonzales ~ Cathy Winter ~ Harmonious Hogchokers ~ Jay Mankita ~ Roger Mock ~ Rick Nestler ~ Glenn Weiser

Ah, it’s been a grand 45 years, and we’ve got the pure talent to prove it! Among this cast of characters (emphasis on “characters”) are players who've started on our stage, and some who have been part of signature events over the years like Phil Ochs Song Nights, Clearwater’s Pumpkin Sail, Open Stage, and many, many more. Most have sailed and sung for Pete Seeger's Hudson Valley's Sloop Clearwater.

Just before the show, we'll be airing archival film by the late folk personality (and Eighth Step performer-advisor) U Utah Phillips. He sent it for radio personality Jackie Alper's retirement concert when she left WRPI-fm's Mostly Folk show.

It’s sure to be a warm and wonderful night of reminiscence, laughs, a little political commentary and truly awesome music. Expect some great solo performances, ensemble singing, jamming and a few surprises.

The Great 8th Step Anniversary Homecoming Concert Friday, October 26, 2012, 7:00 pm
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