All About the Drum: Reggie Harris & Co

Saturday, May 6, 2017, 7:30 pm

a bit of video on Brian Melick

"Virtuoso...Cheryl Prashker is the most sought-after drummer/percussionist in the Northeast.”   -ACOUSTIC LIVE IN NYC

Percussionist Prashker, songwriter-guitarist Reggie Harris and percussionist Brian Melick jam on drums & guitar for an unforgettable evening with the spotlight on rhythm.

If you’re accustomed to drums in the background with an occasional solo riff, hear this very special ensemble “flip the script” and chase the beat, center stage. Like their audience, they’re not precisely sure what they’ll hear, but they know it will be fresh, hot - and delicious!


A fun, funky, and technically brilliant drummer, the Montreal native studied music at McGill University and spent a decade with the Yiddish Theatre of Montreal before making her way to New York -- where she played anything from rock ‘n roll and klezmer to Celtic, and Middle Eastern to boot.

Now based in Philadelphia and performing with her Celtic group Rune, she has toured Europe, the U.S. and Russia, and worked with Jonathan Edwards, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul, & Mary) and many others.


One of our finest and most dynamic contemporary singer-songwriters, his rich voice and unique guitar style can capture a powerful emotion – and an audience - in a single well-written melody line. Beware of his amazing guitar licks!

Philadelphia-born, he is half of the popular duo Kim & Reggie Harris and a much-in demand solo artist. He performs at a wide variety of festivals, workshops, ensembles impromptu and otherwise, and is a mainstay at Phil Ochs Song Nights nationally.


A prolific, versatile and accomplished drummer and multi-hand percussionist in genres from Celtic to Flamenco, pop to Latin to classical, he has has long been in demand for stage and studio work alike.

The list of artists with whom he’s performed or recorded includes virtually every regional acoustic musician as well as national and international artists including Livingston Taylor, Jorma Kaukonen, Pete Seeger, Bela Fleck, Hartford Symphony and even Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

NOTE: The public is invited to bring a hand drum for an OPEN DRUM CIRCLE from 5:30-6:30.

For information about an afternoon drumming Masterclass, call The Eighth Step at 518-434-1703.

Running Time: 90 minutes + Intermission
Parental Guidance: All Ages
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