Just For Teachers!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Educator Extravaganza

Kick back and enjoy- the night is on us! Educator Extravaganza is a great opportunity to explore arts enrichment opportunities at Proctors and theRep and connect with other teachers, school professionals and artists. Let our hospitality do the talking while you peruse the new season's event , take an interactive workshop and get energized for a new school year! This event is free to educators and school professionals; advance registrations is required. 

For more information: Mike Gatzendorfer, Education Program Manager at mgatzendorfer@proctors.org or 518.382.3884 x197

Workshop Descriptions

Put STEAM Into Your Lessons - FULL

Instructor: Carol Kelly

Weaving the Arts into your STEM lessons will be the focus of this workshop. Bring a lesson (or two) to "up cycle" as we look at the philosophy of interconnecting science, technology, engineering and mathematics with ALL of the arts!  Why?  Tapping into the many talents of your students (alias:  multiple intelligences) will increase their knowledge retention, motivation, and create real life excitement!  You will leave this workshop with STEAM incorporated into your own lessons, and a new look at your own appreciation for the arts and its many strengths!  

Limit 25 teachers.


Digital Storytelling in the Classroom- FULL

Instructor: Jon Dorflinger

Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching and still the best way to learn. Research indicates that our brains are actually “hard wired” to remember information in storytelling format. Storytelling has received a wealth of support as an important teaching tool and digital storytelling mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips, and music.  Classrooms without access to a plethora of tech resources will still find this format workable and even compatible with low-tech or no-tech classes.

Limit 45 teachers.

Document Based Theatre

Instructor: Margaret E. Hall

Bringing history to life using historical documents, theatre exercises and games. Director Margaret E. Hall, and Kristyn Youngblood, a member of Actor’s Equity Association, will use materials from theREP’s Petticoats of Steel and They Built America: Workers of the Erie Canal, in conjunction with past season study guides, to illustrate how teachers can bring history to life.

Limit 45 teachers.

Ellis Island & Narrative Storytelling- FULL

Instructor: Nancy Payne

Storyteller, Nancy Payne will speak in the voice of Annie Moore, the first immigrant who landed on the island in 1892. As Annie, Nancy will recount my experience and tell of other experiences I heard from family and friends who arrived after me. The incidents I recount will not be actual things that happened to Annie nor the things she heard, but they will be the events that did happen. Being Annie will allow Nancy to speak in the first person & relate a smattering of through an actual person. By speaking in the first person, Nancy hopes to make the history event more of personal event.  History is not just fact and dates; it is real people living their lives. In this workshop you will separate the facts of the story, convey reasons for beginning this way; how this approach is used to capture the attention of students; and how this storytelling technique can be utilized in the classroom. 

Limit 45 teachers.

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