An Evening With DAR WILLIAMS

Saturday, March 4, 2017, 7:30 pm

"One of America's very best singer-songwriters"  THE NEW YORKER

"Her sweet soprano, wicked wit and poetically understated guitar playing have made her one of America's top female singer/songwriters"  AMOEBA MUSIC
"Young, talented, daring...helping to transform the way the instrument is being played around the world"
    -ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE (naming Hall to Top 30 Guitarists Under 30)
One of the most lauded singer\songwriters of her generation, Dar Williams has entranced the music world for more than two decades with her poignant lyrical commentary and beautiful musical arrangements.  We introduced her to the region as a new talent two decades ago; we welcome her again as a premier American musical voice. 
Every new album from Williams represents her thoughts and feelings about both her own life and larger forces in the world. But her ninth studio record Emerald (2015) marked a particularly dramatic confluence between her experiences and broader contemporary culture - and what it means to be a songwriter at this moment in history.
In the past few years, Williams has been involved in a wide range of different efforts and projects: teaching a course titled 'Music Movements in a Capitalist Democracy' at her alma mater, Wesleyan University; working with children at several summer camps; leading songwriting workshops; getting involved in the workings of her village; and writing a book about the ways she's seen towns becoming more independent and prosperous over her 20 years of touring. In addition, in the face of dramatic transformations in the music industry, she is released Emerald on her own after choosing to part ways with Razor & Tie, her label for almost 20 years.
"I'm now experiencing the fruits of the alternative culture I was part of in the '90s," she says. "I think I've made choices about how I lived my life, outside of the world that was going to fit me among the mainstream norms, and I chose to stay with my friends, to stay with my culture.
"That turns out to have been the sturdiest structure I could have built for myself. And that's in my songs, it's in my teaching. I'm a believer in what can happen when we make music together."
He has been featured on various national radio stations including NPR and national and international television networks including NBC, PBS and German national television. 
At the start of his career, Trevor caught the eye of nine- time Grammy award winning producer Joe Nicolo (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc.), who produced two of Hall’s releases, Finding My Way and Let Your Heart Be Light.
Hall collaborated with various builders to design an original instrument combining an african finger piano (kalimba) and an acoustic guitar.  This very original “Kalimbatar” inspired his Candyrat Records debut Entelechy (2011),  which rapidly climbed the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, as well as YouTube's Top Commented/Top Favorited/Most Discussed categories, gathering millions of views with the release of performance videos. 
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