FILM 100: The American Film Institute Essentials

Monday, September 17, 2012, 7:00 pm

Proctors was built for movies.

86 years ago, Stranded in Paris opened the doors on the grand movie house and began the octogenarial love affair between the Capital Region and Movies at Proctors. When Proctors expanded to a multi-theatre arts organization, the GE Theatre was built, primarily to showcase GIANT screen films in the most technologically-advanced setting that could be built. It's a tri-city truism that if you love watching movies, Proctors is the place for you.

In celebration of over 100 Years of Motion Pictures, the American Film Institute's lists of the Top 100 American films are the essential place to draw from as Proctors showcases the last century of classic motion pictures, many of which played Proctors when they were new releases.

Proctors, the Capital Region's home for top-notch film presentation, is proud to present FILM 100: The American Film Institute Essentials. Over the next two years, and only on Mondays, we present a thorough countdown from the AFI lists of the TOP 100 Films, from Ben-Hur to Citizen Kane. Every screening is an American cinema classic and features the great actors of the silver screen in their most definitive roles --Brando in The Godfather, Groucho Marx in Duck Soup, John Wayne in The Searchers. Proctors will release more scheduled film dates and times regularly, with features appearing in both the classic Mainstage at Proctors and the GIANT screen GE Theatre.

And if you really love classic movies, we have the deal of the century for you! For just $100, you can purchase the FILM 100 Pass. This individual collectible pass is your passport to the entire two year series. Thats over 100 years of film for just $100!
(please pick up your pass at the Box Office)

Join us for FILM 100: The American Film Institute Essentials.
Only at Proctors.

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