It Came From Schenectady: Schlock and Awe

13 Hour Mad Movie Marathon
Saturday, May 16, 2015, 11:00 am

ICFSs bi-annual tradition of epic movie marathons emerges from the cold wintery slumber for Schlock & Awe!  From 11am to midnight, you’ll be treated and cursed by an oddball collection of favorite cult film titles that we consider to be completely awesome, completely bad or just awesomely bad!  As with all ICFS events, expect shorts, trailers, contests, games, surprises and themed drinks! 

Buy for Festival Pass by May 1 and its only $20 for the whole day! Join us!

Block 1 – 11am – 5:30pm


CAN YOU DIG IT?  Cult favorite The Warriors finally plays ICFS.  In 1979 a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang hunts them down. Starring Xanadu’s Michael Beck!


"And the Academy Award for Best Psychotic goes to... SUSAN TYRELL!".  Saturn Award nominee for Best Horror Movie of 1982 (it lost to Poltergeist), BUTCHER was later recognized in Horror Movies of the 1980s as as "a true gem of the decade" and "the '80s most twisted, bizarre cinematic vision of motherhood,"  Tryrell was a favorite of eccentric filmmakers such as John Waters and Andy Warhol, yet you've not experienced barrier-breaking maniac cinema until you've witnessed her breathtakingly unhinged performance in BUTCHER. Also starring Bill Paxton, Julia Duffy and a brave Bo Svenson as a horribly homophobic cop.


Who'd have guessed that a movie with a title like this could actually have an intelligent script?  ZOMBEAVERS is deliriously laugh-out-loud funny from start-to-finish, while also managing to deliver some sharp Walking Dead-like danger and terror. Though it exploits all of horrors stereotypical elements, including horny women in bikinis, a remote cabin in the wood, and - best of all - nature-run-amuck in the form of ridiculously undead beavers, ZOMBEAVERS does all of this expertly, without ever being smug or self-congratulatory. And Jake Weary of It Follows stars!

Block 2 - 5:30pm – Midnight


Making an ICFS return after laying our first festival 7 years ago, the Jane Fonda space sex-ca-pade is even more beautiful and 2X as naughty when projected in HD on a 4-story screen.

In the far future, a highly sexual woman is assigned with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way, she encounters various unusual people. Worth the price of admission alone, Barbarella is both Schlock and Awe in its Sci-finest.



Rating an impressive 100% amongst Tomatometer critics, fans of SPINAL TAP will simply adore this hilarious and charming mockumentary about a pretentious Euro-tard rock star named Bené.  Mourning the loss of his girlfriend Baguette in a Paris suicide bombing, Bené is forced into hiding when a fatwa is registered against him - on - by a mysterious agent known only as iluvtennis127.  Why?  That's unclear, but it could be backlash from his most recent hit song, "All Religions Are Stupid Especially Yours."   Made on a budget of hundreds, comedian Bennett Jones stars, directs, sings and occasionally animates this singularly original film that - ultimately - is about love, loss and how one copes.


They said it’s the worst. They said it’s the best of the worst. They said it should never be shown. Sounds like our kind of movie. We are “proud” to finally screen the movie that made watching Saved by the Bell with Elizabeth Berkely so awkward…Paul Verhoeven’s SHOWGIRLS! A young drifter, named Nomi, arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls.

Mature Content advisory.

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