Party Horns NYC

Saturday, May 25, 2013, 7:30 pm to 7:45 pm


Party Horns NYC returns to move, groove and disprove what you know about party music. A trio of evenings featuring 3 very different ensemble bands, (Outer Borough Brass Band, Dead Cat Bounce and Josh Roseman) all full of beat, rhythm and good time fun straight from the NYC music scene. It's music that will stir your soul and certainly move your feet.

Josh Roseman is a New York City based trombonist, composer, producer and serial bandleader.

He's well known for his edgy and earthy work with Dave Douglas, Don Byron, Dave Holland, MMW, Me'Shell, Charlie Hunter, Peter Apfelbaum, and The Groove Collective among others. Roseman's current projects include "The Water Surgeons," a chamber quartet featuring trombone micro-choir, amps and electronics; the Josh Roseman Unit, a dub-influenced jazz quartet; a 12 piece petting zoo known as the King Froopy Allstars and "Josh Roseman," a solo trombone program featuring the artist of the same name. Roseman's albums present a balance between group improvisation, dance rhythms, satire and new uses of technology.

Roseman maintains a parallel existence as founder, director and producer at THE LOOVE, a new production facility, label and media startup in Williamsburg- and he is the founder of the New York Slideworkers' Union, a curatorial program for recovering improvising trombonists. In Roseman's free time, he plays trombone and records music.