School Day Event
Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 10:00 am

A mix of contemporary dance and acrobatics, these elaborately choreographed family meals are where lessons are learned, secrets exchanged, bonds forged, and reinforced by our most visceral of senses. Accompanying the usual eye-popping flight of acrobatic choreography and pulsating music are the other three senses—the touch of hands in batter, the smell of cookies baking, the taste of roasted oregano—leading us through a span of times and countries.

Grades: 4 & up

CC: Social Studies, Geography

Groups (10 or more): $8/$9
Individuals: $40

To reserve tickets: 

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• Email: groupsales@proctors.org

• Call 518•382•3884 x 139 

If you would like to bring your class but not sure how, contact Mike Gatzendorfer, Education Program Manager at mgatzendorfer@proctors.org or 518•382•3884 x 197

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