Jack Nicholson's HEAD plus DJ XL5’s ROCK & ROLL ZAPPIN’ PARTY

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 7:00 pm

The Monkees - 'Head' - Theatrical Trailer


It Came From Schenectady presents
Jack Nicolsons and Bob Rafelson’s HEAD plus DJ XL5’s ROCK AND ROLL ZAPPIN’ PARTY
Our night kicks off with the eagerly awaited return to Schenectady of Montreal's DJ XL5! On previous visits to Schenectady, his Spandex, Zombie and Bollywood video-mash-up creations left us absolutely rolling with laughter, often with our jaws also dropped fully to the floor. This time around, we shall worship with him at the altar of Rock n' Roll as it challenges, evolves, and delivers up subgenres that multiply faster than time signature changes in a Prog Rock symphony. Far more than just teen rebellion, DJ XL5 revels in Rock as a mythology with its own language, history, visual codes… and Gods!
Next… turn on, tune in and drop out as director Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces) and co-writer Jack Nicholson unleash Dennis Hopper, Frank Zappa, Tor Johnson, Jack himself, and a unconventional host of tripped-out others on - the Monkees (!?!) - in HEAD, a movie that is decidedly NOT just another Pleasant Valley Sunday. Not rated. Combined running time expected to be darned close to 4 hours.
Saturday, October 21 at 7pm

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