Next Move: Festival of Modern Dance

Friday, April 5, 2013 to Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two days of dance, four companies, and one mind-blowing experience that will alter your notions of the limits of human movement.

Curated by Ellen Sinopoli, this year's Next Move Festival of Modern Dance features four incredible modern dance companies, each with a strikingly distinct style that explores a specific aspect of the human experience. The incomparable talents of numerous American and international dancers blend with multimedia pieces and stunning music.

Friday night begins with Melanie Maar and world-renowned audiovisual artist Kenta Nagai performing Space and Bones and follows with Caitlin Trainor Dance Company performing Sandpainting.

Saturday night completes the two-day dance festival featuring Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company with three electrically-charged pieces entitled Vooz-é-la, Becoming and Oh, My...  and Lucky Plush Productions with Cinderbox 2.0.

Experience dance and the beauty of movement like never before with Next Move.

Please note that Melanie Maar's piece "Spaces and Bones" contains full nudity.