Party Horns NYC

Friday, April 18, 2014, 7:30 pm

The Ed Palermo Big Band is an amazing 17-piece ensemble returning with their distinctive, big-band interpretations of the great 20th century composer, Frank Zappa.

This body of work has won them huge acclaim from both new and old fans of the music, and they appeared on NPR's Weekend Edition in 2006.

For those not already familiar with Ed's colorful, jazz-based arrangements of Zappa's compositions, Ed, a big band for 30 years, has performed the music of Frank Zappa for 15 of those years. All of these musicians are high-caliber, hugely talented NYC professional players, most having played this music for over a decade.

Audiences will love and appreciate the genius of Zappa's work as revisited by the Ed Palermo Big Band.

Party Horns NYC returns to move, groove and disprove what you know about party music. A trio of evenings featuring 3 very different ensemble bands, (Line of SwordsPersiflage and The Ed Palermo Big Band) all full of beat, rhythm and good time fun straight from the NYC music scene. It's music that will stir your soul and certainly move your feet.

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