PASSEGGIATA!? No doubt you’ve heard the word. Can you pronounce it? Ever participated in one? If not, here’s an opportunity to share in this delightful custom. Quite simply, Passeggiata is an Italian word for an evening stroll by residents of a town. 

This longstanding and respected ritual helps put the day in focus and punctuates the completion of a day-well spent. Passeggiata (päs-sād-ˈjä-tä) is the new third-Friday tradition in Schenectady’s revitalized downtown area! 

Each third-Friday of the month, residents, businesses and visitors will participate in a downtown stroll-about. Each month engages businesses and attractions to share some neighborly time together.

Downtown businesses are also open later just for tonight all with special offers of their own.

For more information please contact the Box Office 518•346•6204.

Passeggiata Friday, December 21, 2012, 5:00 pm
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