Stud Life

Sunday, March 3, 2013, 2:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Part of our 3rd Annual QFEST!

JJ a lesbian and Seb a gay man are best friends – they work together and play together.

Then JJ falls for Elle and has to split her attention between them both? Mates b4 muff? What would you do?

Stud Life is a light take on the darker side of queer street life in London directed and written by CampbellX and produced by Nadya Kassam and Stella Nwimo. The film is a post-modern LGBT She´s Gotta Have It for the YouTube generation. Stud Life deals with sex and sexuality and taboo subjects in the queer community.

Stud Life takes the viewer into a slice of life of an urban gay scene where casual sex, and drug taking is not treated as deviant behaviour. Where gender is up for grabs but desire follows very strict rules. Where violence can be part of sex as well as random attacks on the street. JJ and Seb inhabit a world where white queers are familiar with Black street culture and reject the mainstream “G.A.Y” world. This is Stud Life.

Not RatedRunning Time