Fenimore Asset Management Gallery & Albany International Room

Fenimore Gallery - $500

  Fenimore Gallery & Albany International Room - $650

Located on the second floor, next to the Proctors administrative offices, the Fenimore Gallery is a very flexible space, well suited to art displays, birthday parties, baby showers, cocktail receptions, interactive conference sessions and even small theatrical productions. The space is equipped with a speaker system and a projection system with a built-in screen. A glass wall allows the space to overlook the Wright Family Atrium, which usually houses a large-scale art project created by regional school districts.

The Albany International Room abuts the back of the Fenimore Gallery, also overlooking the Wright Atrium. This narrow room is a beautiful setting for a small conference breakout session or reception or could easily serve as a buffet location for dining in the Fenimore.

For details on available locations, rental fees, services, size, etc., please contact Judie Bouchard. You will be asked to validate your email address by typing in a computer generated word. Thank you for your patience.

Fenimore Gallery Room Specifications

Area (Sq. Feet) 1970
Occupancy Reception: 225
Occupancy Theatre: 120
Occupancy Classroom: 60
Occupancy Dinner: 100


Albany International Room Specifications

Area (Sq. Feet): 706
Occupancy Reception: 80
Occupancy Theatre: 60
Occupancy Classroom: 30
Occupancy Dinner: 40