5th Annual Electric City Film Fest & Expo Announced.

by Don Rittner


The Schenectady Film Commission and Proctor’s will be hosting the 5th

Annual Electric City Film Fest & Expo at Proctor’s GE Black Box Theater

on September 26th from 4PM to 10PM.


This year’s Film Fest & Expo will showcase independent films made in New

York State and will host the Paul Golding Retrospective as well as

demonstrate a working palaphotophone, a device invented in Schenectady

at General Electric in the early 1920’s that allowed the use of audio on

film that paved the way for motion pictures.


The Film Fest will open from 4 to 6 PM showing entries from selected

finalists and at 6 PM the Schenectady Museum will present a lecture and

demonstration of the palaphotophone with the original audio films that

include the voices of Thomas Edison and President Herbert Hoover.


At 7 PM, filmmaker and producer Paul Golding will discuss his early days

of filmmaking and his days at film school with George Lucas, his

classmate, collaborator on their first two movies.  Paul and George’s

early student films will be shown as well. Paul’s cult classic SCIFI

thriller Pulse will be shown after the awards are presented to the

winning film entries. (see PULSE trailer at



This year there is a $25 submission fee for filmmakers.  Tickets for the

event, which are on sale now, are $15 and are available at Proctor’s or

on their web site at www.Proctors.org. Seating is limited to 438 people.


For more information, contact Don Rittner, Schenectady Film Commissioner

at drittner@aol.com, or visit the Schenectady Film Commission Facebook

Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=331593038242


This year’s Film Fest & Expo coincides with Proctor’s Hall of Fame award

that is held the previous day on September 25th.


Proctors, the region’s performing arts center in Schenectady,

established the Capital Region Entertainment Hall of Fame two years ago

and the list of honorees is impressive.  Their first inductees included

the first television and radio stations in the country (once tied to

General Electric), Kirk Douglas, Monty Woolley, Maureen Stapleton and

John Sayles. Last year saw the induction of Maureen O’Sullivan, Bruce

Jordan & Marilyn Abrams, producers of Shear Madness, and Gregory

Maguire, author of Wicked.  With a nod to the future of entertainment,

they honored Vicarious Visions, the company established by Guha &

Karthik Bala, developers of world-renowned video games.


Proctor’s goal is to honor and celebrate those people or institutions

with a significant tie to the 11 counties of the Capital Region who have

made important contributions to the arts and entertainment.  The Hall of

Fame is sponsored by Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP, Attorneys at Law

in partnership with the Albany Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce and

the Chamber of Schenectady County.


This year’s induction to the Capital Region Entertainment Hall of Fame

will take place on September 25, 2010 at Proctors in conjunction with

their season opening Gala event.


CONTACT:  Don Rittner, Commissioner, Schenectady Film Commission


Phone: 518 378 9256


Email: drittner@aol.com


Web: www.electriccityfilms.com