Proctors overcame ‘disaster’ with teamwork

Friday, March 9, 2012

By Kathleen Moore (Contact)
Gazette Reporter

SCHENECTADY — It was the worst news anyone at Proctors could imagine. With a packed house waiting for a matinee of “Jersey Boys,” the sound system wouldn’t work.

Five minutes after the show was supposed to start, engineers were desperately trying to isolate the problem, but the sound computer couldn’t even get started. It would boot up, detect an error in the system and automatically reboot.

The management team that handled the disaster sat down this week to discuss something they’d never done before — cancel a show at the last minute, with 2,400 patrons already in their seats.

In the decades that Proctors officials have worked at a half-dozen different theaters, only one of them has ever before seen a show stopped before the end. In that case, the performer collapsed onstage, mid-show, from a stroke that later killed her.

This time, the show didn’t even get started.

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