The Passport Series – Music Haven at Proctors Alsarah and the Nubatones

Thursday, November 30, 2017, 7:30 pm
East African retro-pop from Brooklyn.

Baptized “the new star of Nubian pop” by the prestigious Guardian Magazine, the Sudanese singer from Brooklyn, Alsarah gracefully distills atemporal melodies over heady beats, at the crossroads of East-African and Arabic influences
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The Passport Series • Music Haven at Proctors
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Charismatic and independent, author, composer and ethnomusicologist, considered as the new standard bearer of East-African retro-pop music, Alsarah belongs to the generation of artists pursuing an atypical path and drawing upon her origins precious influences which she melt with her day-to-day ones.
Settled in Brookyln, there is no doubt that the surrounding frenzy, the multiculturalism and the constant tingling of this city, consciously or unconsciously guide Alsarah and her musicians in the search for this perfect balance between urban culture, modernity and traditional reminiscences. Inspired by both the golden age of Sudanese pop music of the 70s and the New York effervescence, Alsarah & The Nubatones build a repertoire where an exhilarating oud plays electric melodies on beautiful jazz-soul bass lines, and where sharp and modern percussions breathe new life to age-old rhythms. Some major artists influences, such as Bi Ki Dude the charismatic legend of taarab from Zanzibar, or the iconoclastic Grace Jones, give to Alsarah and her sister Nahid’s voices an incredible richness which widen her musical spectrum while keeping a deep identity.
“Her voice evokes the aura of a Sudanese queen. Her music speaks of immigration, by choice or by force, and goes from electronic to Nubian inspired 70s pop music to North African Arabic music.” – Libération
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