Proctors and the Community

Without the outstanding support of the community, Proctors would not be the incredible arts organization that it is today. Proctors is home to numerous programs and events each year that encourage strong community relationships.

More than 30,000 students in preschool through 12th grade come for the special School Day programs each year. During the summer, the Education Department at Proctors hosts a variety of summer camps, which provide students of all ages the opportunity to perfect their acting, dancing and music skills, with scholarships available. Under arrangements made by the Group Sales department, busloads of ticket holders from every age group and numerous surrounding states are enthusiastic attendees for a variety of shows.

The Schenectady Symphony Orchestra and the Northeast Ballet Company both call Proctors “home.” Proctors also plays a part in Schenectady’s annual Summer Night community celebration, when downtown State Street is closed to traffic in order to host free entertainment, vendors, and local organizations. Many spacious rooms at Proctors become fine art galleries once a month for Art Night Schenectady, inviting artists to display beautiful, intricate pieces of every medium possible. Each year, there is a student art contest run by the Education Department, with a theme related to one of the major Broadway shows at Proctors during that season. Proctors is also represented among many other local organizations and fun entertainment in the annual Schenectady Holiday Parade.

Being on Proctors’ stage is a breathtaking experience for the youngsters who participate in the numerous dance recitals each June. Proctors also plays host to various high school, college, and graduate school graduations each Spring. Special monthly tours give theatergoers a glimpse of the backstage, and year-round movie showings draw thousands of loyal film buffs.