Web Advertising

Each year, Proctor’s attracts more then 800,000 patrons and the majority of them look to our website for answers to questions like…

Where can we eat before or after the show?

Where can we book a hotel room?

Where can we find local shops, museums, galleries and other attractions? 

For our patrons, going to see a show at Proctors is an EXPERIENCE…and your business can be a big part of that!  Our Restaurant, Accommodations and Retail pages offer the perfect answers to those questions!  Your business can choose from a Web Banner Ad, which receives top page priority*, color, and room to add your choice amenities.  Or choose a Business Listing that includes your business name, address, and short statement.  UPGRADE either of those options with a 30 second video that really showcases your business and allows our patrons to get an inside look at what you have to offer. 

Web Advertising also add to your businesses website traffic volume as all ads are linkable to your website – to whichever page you choose – and can be changed at any time during your year long contract period!

Don’t miss your prime opportunity to be part of our patrons’ experience!

Please contact Francesca Mancino, Corporate Advertising Manager at (518) 382-3884 ext. 135 or email at fmancino@proctors.org for more information!

*Web ads are listed in alphabetical order.