Saturday, December 01, 2018


ICFS presents
A CINEMA OTHER double-feature of Films from the American Genre Film Archive


Boxer’s Omen
“The basic plot line involving the brother of a paralyzed boxer traveling to Thailand to seek vengeance could little prepare you for the myriad viscous atrocities and grotesque fantasias that form the heart of the legendary Shaw Brothers studio’s most notorious foray into the horror genre. Playing out mostly as a protracted supernatural duel, by way of convoluted magic rituals involving regurgitated food, slimy, unidentifiable viscera, and uncanny, enchanted animals, between cosmic Buddhist twins and a collective of dark wizards intent on preventing them from achieving immortality, The Boxer’s Omen broke ground in Hong Kong genre cinema by marrying the martial arts action the Shaw Brothers were known for with gory, surreal imagery recalling Lucio Fulci and the heyday of Italian horror.” – The Front Row

Cantonese w/English Subtitles. Not Rated. 105 minutes.

Bastard Swordsman
“…commonly regarded as the finest wu xia fantasy of them all until Swordsman II came along, gravity-defying swordplay mixes with surreal Georges Meliés style stop-motion and optical effects to create a trippy, abstract world full of painted backdrops bathed in kaleidoscopic lighting. Anything can happen and usually does. Characters hang upside down like bats, spin through the air, and animate leaves as deadly weapons. Even more outrageous the titular “bastard” learns how to weave himself into a giant cocoon from which he emerges as a silver-haired superhero able to shoot silken threads and zap enemies with laser beams. Its “downtrodden geek becomes web-spinning superhero” scenario – though drawn from a very different source – shares certain similarities with Spider-Man, while other elements (like the elemental themed magical warriors) later show up in John Carpenter’s classic Big Trouble in Little China.” – text rather liberally adapted from a review in The Spinning Image

Mandarin w/English Subtitles. Not Rated. 89 minutes.

As with other ICFS events, expect prizes, surprises, comfy couches and absolutely ​insane drink specials!

Saturday, December 1 at 7pm

$9 General Admission; $6 Seniors, Students w/ID


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