Currents by Mayumana

Sunday, March 10, 2019

“…Non stop action pack…Part dance, part acrobatics, nothing like we ever saw.” —ABC News

“No dull moment, from the very first moment of the show the audience is spellbound… steaming spectacular rhythms… a must for your eyes, ears and your feeling!” —De Zondag, Belgium

“Show full of energy… extraordinary coordination between music and movement.” —Canela e hortela, Portugal

‘Currents’ is a spectacular show that was inspired by the historical Battle of Currents between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in their quest for finding energy sources for the world. Audience members will be taken on a journey between two troops, each representing a different view of the essence of light and electricity and each inspired by a different esthetic and artistic approach, all of which are presented as a dialogue, through unique sounds, lights, and visual effects. The show combines a variety of elements: specially made musical instruments, massive video art projections (including video mapping on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem) and eleven skilled performers in constant movement, playing on different instruments and musically juggling between different sounds.

In 1996, Elyon Nuphar and Boaz Berman, driven by their deep love for percussion and music, created the first Mayumana show. From around the world, Berman and Nuphar gathered a small group of gifted performers, each with diverse talents and contrasting backgrounds. Sparked by their shared passion for rhythm and coordination, and fueled by their unique sense of humor and mischief, their group dynamic on stage was inexhaustible and infectious. Enriched by working with a multicultural cast, they inspired each other to fulfill the individual’s prowess in his/her area of expertise, while developing in all players the versatility to master other skills. This befits the name Mayumana, which comes from the Hebrew word for skill – Meyumanut. The power of each Mayumana creation comes from the strong emphasis placed on the unity and synchronization of the group as a whole. At the same time, the talent and beauty of the individual performer is highlighted and celebrated. Mayumana’s playfulness extends beyond the stage, reaching out to engage in direct interactions with its audiences of all ages and cultures. Sixteen years later with performers from more than 20 different nationalities, Mayumana has become one of Israel’s leading cultural exports. It has entertained millions of people around the world with its international touring cast, as well as in its home theatre, The Mayumana House, which is located at the old harbor of Jaffa.

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