Thursday, May 02, 2019


ICFS Cinema Other presents

Director Andy Sidaris is known as the King of Bullets, Bombs and Babes, and Hard Ticket To Hawaii is the most popular of his films, each more dumbfounding than the next.  Former Playboy Playmates Dona Speir and Hope-Marie Carlton star. Dona plays Donna, a Secret Agent who tells us she does her best thinking in a hot tub. She – like most of the rest of the cast – also likely do their best acting in their sleep, cause none of it is up on the screen. Hope-Marie plays Dona’s partner, Taryn, a badass civilian in witness protection.  Or maybe she’s a Secret Agent too.  It kinda doesn’t matter.  Either way, they have cover jobs as pilots for a Hawaiian cargo company, and their cargo during one flight includes a giant snake that has become deadly toxic from eating too many cancer-infested rats.  Yup.  You heard right.  We have us a case of Snake-on-a-Plane here.  And Snake-pretty-much-Everywhere-Else too once the plane has landed.  And maybe it’s the result of the poisonous rats, but this snake looks awful.  Like a puppet snake.  Or a snake made of rubber.  You want more?  This film also has kung fu fighting, sumo wrestling, a wicked frisbee murder, a literal Blow-up Doll, a secret message in a sandwich, and more costume changes with fewer private places to change in than one dares to imagine.  Citizen Kane this ain’t, but damn if it isn’t a heck of a lot of ridiculously dumb fun.  Rated R.  96 minutes.

Thursday, May 2 at 7pm
$9 Adults; $6 Seniors, Students w/ID


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