Film: ROAR

Thursday, June 20, 2019


ICFS Cinema Other presents

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.
70 cast and crew members were!

Tippi Hedren (The Birds), her real-life husband (Exorcist  producer, Noel Marshall) and their four children (including up-and-coming young actress Melanie Griffith, later of Something Wild and Body Double  fame), spent the bulk of the 70’s secretly raising and breeding a growing pride of lions inside their Beverly Hills home.  Expanding onto a Southern California ranch when need for additional space became critical, Hedren and Marshall hoped that making a film of themselves and their children living amongst giant jungle cats might  raise awareness for the tragic overhunting and mistreatment of the magnificent wild beasts.  And because Lions don’t naturally live harmoniously with one another unless raised together, the couple – against the recommendation of wildlife experts – decided to raise the cats as family, and then launch a production amongst them, which famously – and predictably – led to mauling’s, scalping’s and injuries galore (most notably including a broken leg for Tippi, wounds so severe as to require facial reconstruction surgery for Melanie, and 220 stitches to the skull of cinematographer Jan de Bont (Basic Instinct;  Die Hard).  In short, things got so out of control on set that the lions were ultimately given a directing credit!  As with other ICFS events, expect prizes, surprises, comfy couches and drink specials that claw and pounce!   Rated PG.  102 minutes.

“It’s like Walt Disney went insane and shot a snuff version of Swiss Family Robinson.” – HitFix

“Like watching a live-action Lion King as Mufasa holds a switchblade to your throat.” – Complex 

Thursday, June 20 at 7pm
$9 Adults; $6 Seniors, Students w/ID


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