At Proctors, we aim to increase access to live theatre for all audiences. For additional concerns or questions, please call our Box Office at 518.346.6204

Q:  Is your theatre wheelchair accessible?
A:  We have wheelchair accessible seating and restrooms on the orchestra level. Patrons who would like accessible seating should notify the Box Office when purchasing tickets. For ease of access and safety, we do not encourage people in wheelchairs, using walkers or with any form of limited mobility to sit in the balcony.   Our historic stairs are challenging for anyone with physical limitations.

Q:  Where can I be dropped off?
A:  Anyone who needs special accommodations can be discharged on State Street near the marquee.  There is a pull-off area in this location. Anyone needing assistance from State Street should contact the Box Office at 518.346.6204 for arrangements.  We are able to provide curbside service and wheelchairs with at least 48 hours notice.

Q:  I am blind/partially blind. Are there accommodations?
A: Patrons who are partially or completely blind should contact the Box Office for appropriate seating.

Q:  Are there any devices to help the deaf or hard of hearing?
A: We offer two options; a hearing loop and a limited number of FM wireless sound receivers available at the Box Office before the show. These headsets are standard walkman headsets; patrons are welcomed to bring their own in lieu of borrowing one. These can also be reserved by contacting the Box Office ahead of time.

Q:  Are any of your performances signed?
A: Signed shows are available; call the Box Office at 518.346.6204 for additional information.

Q:  Does your theatre have an elevator?
A:  An elevator  is located in the Arcade, across from the box office,  and provides access to base of the balcony level.

Q: Do you have booster seats?
We do have a limited number of booster seats available at the Concession Stand; however, we encourage you to bring your own for popular family events.