Subscription Benefits

Below is a complete list of your subscription benefits. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, then check out these frequently asked questions so we can guide you to the right information. And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact our Subscription Team at 518.881.4526.

Important Date:
Monday, Feb. 24 | Renewals, new subscriptions and subscriber exclusive on-sale. Opt-out and cross venue exchange benefit begins. 
Tuesday, April 7 | Last day to guarantee exact renewal for 2019-2020 subscribers. 
Tuesday, May 26 | Add-on, performance exchange and SixTix redemptions begin. 
Saturday, August 15 | Last day to take advantage of the opt-out or cross venue exchange.  


  • Opt-Out of 1 show in your series and use the value from your returned ticket towards another show!*
  • Cross venue exchange to any subscription show or exclusive at the other theatre.
  • Performance exchange up to 24-hours before your scheduled performance, by phone or in person, with no fees!*
  • Add-On tickets to subscription shows before the general public.
  • Enjoy paying over 6 months with no interest.


  • 10% off qualifying shows at all Proctors Collaborative venues.
  • 10% off School of the Performing Arts programs at all Proctors Collaborative venues.
  • Exclusive pre-sale access to other shows at all Proctors Collaborative venues.


  • 1 FREE ticket per subscription to one of our Try Me shows which are released throughout the calendar year.
  • 1 FREE ticket per subscription to our annual Next Act New Play Festival.

*Eligible subscription discounts will always be applied to current pricing at the time of exchange. Current pricing is affected by seating sections, subscriber tier performance choices and variable/dynamic pricing and can result in additional charges or banked credit on account.

Physical tickets required for exchange and opt-outs.